Fee Arrangements

Reasonable Hourly Rates

Much of our work continues to be performed and billed on an hourly basis, as this remains the best option for clients with discrete needs that do not require an ongoing retainer.  Based on our business model, we are able to provide you with hourly rates that are less than half those of a comparable attorney at a downtown law firm.  In essence, you are getting a 30+ year lawyer for the cost of an inexperienced new one at a law firm.  And of course, you also get a lawyer who doesn’t have to “reinvent the wheel” or research basic issues, along with a commitment to timely, responsive and cost-effective service.

Weekly or Monthly Retainers

If you have need for a regular part-time General Counsel in your business, we can provide even lower effective hourly rates by negotiating weekly or monthly retainers that make sense for your business.  Such arrangements can take different forms depending on your needs—examples include being present at your business one day per week or one or two weeks per month.  These part-time General Counsel arrangements are perfect for companies that want the advantage of having a seasoned lawyer on the management team without the burden and expense of hiring a full-time, benefited one.

Fixed Per-Project Fees

In situations involving larger projects, we are willing to negotiate a fixed fee for the entirety of the project.  This might include, for example, conducting a competition sales training seminar, drafting a large contract, or conducting an internal compliance investigation.

In sum, we are very flexible and open to discussing different types of fee arrangements to find one that works for your business.

Outside Counsel Fees