Outside Counsel Specialities

contract-draftingContract Drafting and Negotiation

As the former General Counsel of a large manufacturer of highly-engineered products for the construction industry, we have vast experience in drafting, reviewing and negotiating contracts. Whether you need a Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreement to protect your proprietary business information when hiring employees or consultants, working with vendors or entering into partnerships with other companies, a review of proposed contract terms and conditions, or a rewrite of your own contracting or employment documents, we can help you to achieve your business goal.

Litigation Management and Dispute ResolutionLitigation-and-Negotioation

As a former Litigation Partner at two major law firms, as well as a former General Counsel, we are uniquely suited to either handle ourselves or manage outside counsel in their handling of litigation and dispute resolution matters for your company. Litigation can often be very distracting, time-consuming and emotional for business executives. We allow you to focus on your business objectives by helping you to select counsel and then managing the day-to-day conduct of your litigation for you, providing you with timely and concise summaries and decision points. In addition, we have the expertise to conduct confidential internal investigations within your company’s operations in the areas of employment, accounting, securities disclosure, antitrust and fraud.

Fair Competition Counseling and Training

We have extensive experience in antitrust and unfair competition issues, and can provide counseling in these areas. In addition, we have conducted many training seminars for senior managers and sales teams on the do’s and dont’s of dealing with competitors, customers, vendors and governmental regulators.

Intellectual-PropertyIntellectual Property

Your company’s “intellectual property” or “IP,”) in other words your portfolio of trade names and marks, patents, trade secrets, copyrighted materials and other proprietary information, constitute the lifeblood of your business. We have the experience to help you identify your IP assets and develop a plan to protect them. If you engage in M&A or related growth activities such as joint ventures, partnerships or strategic alliances with vendors, we can ensure that you protect the inherent value of your IP.

Mergers & Acquisitions and Related Activities

If you are considering buying or selling a company or a significant set of assets, or entering into a joint venture or strategic alliance with another company, we can help with the important strategic considerations involved in such activities. Working with your other professional advisors, we will ensure that your IP is protected, that the deal is properly structured and negotiated, and that any required governmental merger review is successfully handled.

Employment and Executive Compensation

We have the experience to help you both with normal employee matters such as hiring and firing, as well as specialized executive compensation issues including executive employment agreements, indemnification and severance.